WEST Nepal Project: “In pursuit of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 3, 4, 5, and 13, a transformative partnership is underway in the Bajhang District of Nepal, orchestrated by consortium partners REED Nepal and Action for Nepal. With invaluable funding from DFAT and the Australian Himalayan Foundation, and in close coordination with local government units, this collaborative endeavor embodies the spirit of SDG 4 by enhancing educational capacities from early childhood to grade 8, fostering child-centered pedagogies, and ensuring inclusive learning environments. SDG 5 finds expression through the promotion of gender equality, addressing child safeguarding, and advancing GEDSI principles, thus empowering women and vulnerable groups. Meanwhile, SDG 13 is embraced through health-focused initiatives, bolstering maternal and child healthcare services, and strengthening the resilience of local health systems to climate-related challenges. As these partners join forces, the convergence of education, gender equality, and climate action shines as a beacon of hope, driving positive change and sustainable development in this Himalayan region. 

In the vibrant landscape of Khaptad Chhanna RM, the WEST NEPAL project (Sambridhi Khaptad Chhana) unfurls as a tapestry of transformation, weaving health and education into a harmonious fabric of progress. By 2025, the glow of improved health and education outcomes illuminates every corner of our community. Students from early childhood to Grade 8 thrive, their learning outcomes soaring by an astounding percentage. A seamless journey of education unfolds as the retention rate surges, dropout rates diminish, and the corridors of knowledge beckon all. In maternity's embrace, skilled birth attendance becomes the norm, nurturing mothers' well-being through protocol-driven check-ups, embracing all, including mothers with disabilities. As childhood illnesses recede, the laughter of healthy children fills the air, their futures radiant. Rooted in strategic alignment with AHF's mission, our endeavor echoes the heartbeats of Sustainable Development Goals 3, 4, 5, and 13, and resonates with Nepal's educational and maternal health aspirations. Together, we carve a path to equitable education, holistic health, and an inclusive tomorrow.”