The "Learning Champions Despite Pandemic: Strong Girls II" project, supported by Karuna Deutschland/BMZ, strives to provide inclusive quality education to all children in public schools from Dalit and marginalized communities in Rambha and Kanchan rural municipalities. The project targets 56 schools in both Rural Municipalities and aims to empower 600 mothers from these communities through women's groups. Key objectives include re-enrolling dropped-out girls in schools, ensuring their livelihoods, and promoting access to quality education.

Project Outcome: At least 8,047 children and youth from Dalit and marginalized communities in Palpa and Rupandehi receive quality education, improving their economic situation.


1. Disadvantaged groups benefit from a well-equipped and efficient school system, ensuring children's participation and high-quality teaching.

2. Dalit families are committed to their daughters' schooling and can enhance household income, enabling their daughters to stay in school through economic activities.

3. Local actors, including teachers, parents, school committees, and village communities, advocate for quality education and the right to live free from violence and discrimination for all girls.

4. Seven DC Learning Centre and seven Learning Hubs provide support to 1,450 disadvantaged girls and young people, including 150 dropouts, promoting their confidence and active participation in school life.

Alignment with SDG Targets:

• SDG 4 (Quality Education): The project contributes to quality education by ensuring children from marginalized communities have access to education and well-equipped schools.

• SDG 5 (Gender Equality): Empowering girls and promoting their education aligns with gender equality objectives.

• SDG 1 (No Poverty): Enhancing economic opportunities for marginalized communities improves their economic situation.

• SDG 10 (Reduced Inequalities): The project addresses inequalities by targeting Dalit and marginalized communities, ensuring they have access to quality education.

The "Learning Champions Despite Pandemic: Strong Girls II" project advances several SDG targets, promoting education, gender equality, poverty reduction, and reduced inequalities among marginalized communities in Nepal.