“The Garima Project, spanning 2021 to 2024, emerges as a beacon of hope in Nepal's pursuit of gender equality, health, and empowerment. In collaboration with Green Tara Nepal and Rural Education and Environment Development Center (REED Nepal), this project converges efforts to dismantle the oppressive grip of Chhaupadi, ensuring women experience dignified, hygienic menstruation free from discrimination. Aligned with SDG goals and Nepal's priorities, Garima orchestrates a symphony of change across Khaptad Chhanna and Khaptad Chhededaha Rural Municipalities of Bajhang and Bajura districts of Nepal. By empowering community leaders, engaging youth advocates, and fostering collaboration with local authorities and CSOs, the project propels a grassroots movement. Bolstered by evidence-based strategies and research, Garima forges a path towards sustainable behavior change, enabling women's freedom of choice and access to education, health, and nutrition. In the heart of this endeavor lies a commitment to SDG gender equality, health, and education, resonating with Nepal's vision for inclusive progress. With Garima Project, oppression transforms into empowerment, as 9,254 individuals reclaim agency, shaping a future where dignity, choice, and safety define women's menstruation experience. “