REED Nepal is closely partnering with schools to focus on the development of life skills and the mobilization and involvement of parents, communities and local governments to work together to improve hygiene, water and sanitation conditions. Differing on cultural insights and environmental and social realities, WASH interventions of REED include: sustainable and safe water supply points, hand-washing stands and sanitation equipment distribution and fully integrated WASH education focusing on key hygiene behaviours for school children and participatory teaching techniques to teachers along with parents of community. WASH education to students include:  who are healthier;  who perform better in school; how positively influence hygiene practices in their homes, among family members and in their communities. We enhance their skills on “how to observe, communicate, cooperate, listen and carry out decisions about hygienic conditions and practices for themselves, their friends and younger siblings whose hygiene they may care.” We equally provide orientation on safe WASH practices on safe menstrual health as well as COVID 19 response. More than 15000 children and its associated communities got benefited from our initiatives in remote parts of Nepal as a part of commitment to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals particularly in SDG 6 with the aim to reach an improved WASH situation for all.